From looking at the Barnbridge website it looks as if the Barnbridge USDC vault is only good for another 8 weeks. Nothing on our website informs the user of this pretty critical information. Infact, I think many users may associate the word Vaults with a long-term investment strategy and expect to be able to park their assets there for months/years. They could be in for a nasty shock when the vault ends unexpectedly before they can earn back their gas fees for entry/exit/claiming and for swapping or transferring coins necessary for entry
I suggest we put a flag on vaults and pools warning people when less than 1 month is left if this information is available. We've had many disgruntled people who feel bitter about the project because they join pools or vaults with not enough time left to recoup their gas fees
(I myself entered 3 pools on my first day using this platform, costing me over 250 in gas fees - then those pools all shut down the very next day and i had to pay to unstake and then to enter new versions of those pools (another 250+)! This info about pools ending was not displayed anywhere on the website, but was tucked away on a medium article from weeks before, as well as on a discord that I didn't discover until later. I never earned enough from farming to recoup those initial gas fees plus my exit fees. This experience left a very sour taste in my mouth as a new defi user. Sadly, I think my story is pretty common.)
I think we need to show a bit more respect to people and to their hard earned money if we are to make long-term loyal users of our ecosystem. It would not take much effort to just give people a friendly heads up that rewards for X pool end in Y days - or that X pool is using old tech and is slated to be replaced soon